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We de-risk bravery in a changing world

Electric is a next gen strategy, innovation, and design consultancy, purpose built to shape transformational ambitions and drive them to fruition, delivering sustainable, profitable growth.

De-risking bravery isn't an oxymoron. It's a mandate.

In a world that’s spinning faster than it used to, new opportunities and threats appear at a pace none of us has ever seen.

This is a world where the cautious become lunch meat for disruptors. This new era requires braver and more visionary ambition, underpinned by deep rigor, analytics, operational pragmatism, financial discipline, and relentless experimentation.
About us

Our secret sauce: fusing the Science of Growth with the Art of Human Response.

It’s rare to find these two sets of capabilities inside the same brains, hanging out in the same bars, or commanding equal weight in a consultancy — the ability to shape innovation that stirs human hearts, and the growth strategies that help CEOs achieve sustainable, profitable growth.

Blending these skill sets is easy to say, but hard to do. Done right, the impact is transformational.

The Science of Growth

Growth and innovation strategies that…
future proof growth
Catalyze breakthroughs
reinvent struggling businesses
Unlock new Business Models
Ignite New Categories
Win new consumers & occasions
Diversify & sharpen Portfolios

The Art of Human Response

Innovations and Experiences that…
Bring Joy
Simplify Life
Deepen Relationships
Ease Stress
Foster Personal Growth
Provide Meaning
Create a Better World
What we do

We work across the entire growth journey – from blank page to concrete outcomes in market, spanning Strategy, Innovation, and Design.

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Shaping analytically intensive growth strategies, innovation strategies, brand strategies, and operating models that drive performance. All brought to life to inspire the human hearts and minds in an organization to get to the future faster.

Growth Strategy
Innovation Strategy
Brand Strategy & Architecture
Category Futurecasting
Financial Modeling
Operating Model Design
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Building compelling innovations from blank page to consumer insight, concept, design, story and prototype, proving product market fit, validating business models, and building investment cases for pilot and scale.

Bespoke Research Design
Deep Human Insights
COncept DEvelopment
Concept Validation
Prototyping & Sensory Experience
Rapid Iteration
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Making visionary ideas real through branding, product design, storytelling, and digital experiences. All strategically crafted to deliver differentiated and expressive propositions to stir hearts in market.

Visual Identity
Verbal Identity
Websites & Apps
Industrial Design
Video Storytelling
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Our leadership team has led hundreds of high impact innovation programs for Fortune 500 companies and emerging disruptors.


Our people have worked across nearly every vertical, and with great organizations.

Consumer Goods
Financial Services
Health & Wellbeing
Retail & Hospitality
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Our latest thinking
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Filling the Massive Innovation Void

Mark Payne
April 16, 2024
For any veteran of the innovation front lines, the past few months have signaled a seismic shift in modern innovation practice, with a massive conundrum at the heart of it, and a gaping opportunity in solving it.
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